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On March 1, 1992 a truck driver discovered the body of Bitter Creek Betty at the bottom of a slope on an I-80 turnout known as "Bitter Creek" about 35 miles east of Rock Springs, Wyoming. She was found lying face-down, and her body may have been 1-5 months prior to discovery. In May 2020, Clark Perry Baldwin, a truck driver from Iowa was arrested for the death of Bitter Creek Betty based on DNA evidence. Her case file has been removed from missing person’s databases however, authorities have not publicly released her identity.

Bittercreek Betty Case File, Doe Network

The Shroud of Bitter Creek Betty
The Shroud of Bitter Creek Betty
Hand-dyed, handwoven cotton, handwoven sweatpants, embroidery, found jewelry, panties
87" X 23" X 7"

Photo credit: Carrie Quinney